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About NCWG (English)


Appellation: NIPPON Cloud Working Group (NCWG)
Established: 1 November, 2011

The act of connecting information has sublimated computers into computing, and it is not an exaggeration to say that a type of paradigm shift is occurring in which server computers and software have moved from on-premises “ownership” to thecloud, where “usage” is only when required. The ability to use only when necessary is called “cloud computing”.

Currently for each type of cloud service it is typical for service providers to offer services individually. For that reason users must manage connected information for each service individually, and it can be said that convenience is lacking due to the difficulty in using services concurrently. As a result, the bar for usage for cloud services by users increases.

For that reason Nippon Cloud Working Group (NCWG) was established with the aim of widening Japan’s cloud business market, creating an application platform (Samurai Cloud) which can transmit from Japan through gathering Japanese domestic ISV (independent package software development/sales companies), system integrators, and related companies and evaluating domestic applications on the “cloud” from a neutral standpoint for a variety of business categories, and also proactively performing exchange both in a business sense and in a technological sense in order to create cohesiveness.

With NCWG’s “Samurai Cloud”, which advances from predecessor organizations, we aim to offer a seamless cloud environment for users as well as the implementation of a “grand cloud”, an integrated cloud for all cloud services which encompasses coordination universally with cloud services from a neutral perspective in regards to various standard services, with Samurai Cloud as the core. This is done through the realization of a transmission permeable platform through coordinating the trinity of ID, UI, and data.

In matching with the company name, with the objective of using the image of a “working group”, together with the founder we at NCWG all have the strong desire to earnestlywork towards contributing to the expansion of the cloud business market as a “working group for the overall cloud business in Japan”, and thus these feelings were included in the name of the company.

Along with its establishment NCWG receives assistance from a range of supporting companies, however we conduct activities with the aim of promoting Japanese cloud business from a thoroughly neutral standpoint. We believe that there are things which can be done because we are neutral, and furthermore there are things which cannot be done if we are not. Nippon Cloud Working Group was established based on this aim.

The expansion of the Japanese cloud business market
  – Development/sharing of application-linked technology
  – The construction of a cloud business model which can be transmitted from Japan
  – The creation of a place for the promotion of cloud business

The implementation from a grounded cloud to a grand cloud
  – The implementation of a universal cloud service and a “unified cloud environment (grand cloud)”
     which captures as far as on-premises environments
  – Activity and proposals from a vender-neutral standpoint

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